Residential Product Training

These video training classes will help you quickly troubleshoot problems and fix residential water heaters with fewer call backs!

The main course offering is a seven-part video series that covers just about everything an installer or service technician needs to know to install or service residential water heaters. The videos are about 20-30 minutes each and cover standard electric and gas water heaters. When you complete the basic course, you can take the optional test and receive a certificate of completion. Because all water heaters use some form of electrical or electronic control system, these courses provide a good background in electrical measurements needed for water heater diagnostics. In addition to basic training on standard water heaters, you can also take classes on heat pump water heaters, power vent, condensing and other high efficiency types. There are also classes on maintenance and preventative services that can help extend the life of water heaters and help reduce future service problems. The video classes can be viewed on virtually any type of device—PC, tablet, smartphone, any time of day from any location—even from home.

The Life Of A Water Heater

Residential Certification

Our Residential Certification prepares contractors to install, troubleshoot, and repair our common residential products.

Upon completion, contractors will be better able to:

  • Understand basic tools and test instruments.
  • Implement the best practices for installing residential water heaters for trouble-free service and long life.
  • Quickly diagnose and repair the most common issues related to residential water heaters.
  • Reduce customer callbacks and complaints with more accurate diagnostics.

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