Residential Product Training

These video training classes will help you quickly troubleshoot problems and fix residential water heaters with fewer call backs!
Our videos cover many different basic training topics on standard water heaters. You can also take classes on heat pump water heaters, power vent, condensing and other high efficiency types.
There are also classes on maintenance and preventative services that can help extend the life of water heaters and help reduce future service problems.
The video classes can be viewed on virtually any type of device—PC, tablet, smartphone, any time of day from any location—even from home.

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Basic Residential Water Heater
Service Technician Certification

Residential Water Heater Service Technician Certification is designed to prepare service technicians to work on residential electric and gas water heaters. Upon completion, service technicians will be able to:
  • Identify the most common electronic test readings taken to troubleshooot water heaters as well as the different varieties of multimeters used to obtain the measurements.
  • Understand how installers are trained and the best practices for installing residential electric and gas water heaters.
  • Quickly diagnose and repair the most common issues related to residential water heaters.
  • Reduce customer callbacks and complaints.
This course and certification test covers BOTH Standard Electric and Standard Gas installation and basic troubleshooting.
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