UltraForce LV

Modulating Ultra Force® Large Volume

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The full line of State Modulating Ultra Force® Large Volume provides a significant amount of storage which can eliminate the need for multiple tanks, saving space. It integrates the SUF helical coil heat exchanger into a large ASME-certified storage tank with capacity to 250-gallons. Models are available from 150,000 to 500,000 Btu/h and deliver thermal efficiencies to 96%. The modulating burner adjusts the firing rate to the specific demand, further increasing efficiency and energy cost savings. Ultra Force® Large Volume is ideal for any commercial application with short period peak demand such as hotels, arenas, convention centers and schools.

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  • Blocked Air Intake Error
  • Blocked Exhaust Error
  • Ignition Failure Error
  • Hardware Failure – Flame Rod Short
  • Low Gas Pressure Error
  • No Blower Speed Feedback Error
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